Who we are

We have been designing the world since 1949!

Global Map was founded in Florence in 1949 and was the first cartography company specialized in productions for third parties, particularly for public authorities.

Since the Sixties, besides the typical production for third parties, an innovative project was carried out: a company catalogue was created and distributed.

After half a century of activity it currently appears as one of the most exclusive and exhaustive catalogues among the national cartography productions.

Global Map makes different types of maps for various purposes and meets the needs of the entire nation as well as other relevant international areas. Furthermore Global Map is the only Italian private company - there are only a few in the world – that makes relief cartography.

A major information technology updating enabled Global Map to overcome the issue - which has generally been the most controversial and costly aspect of the last years for cartography companies – of migrating to digitalized production systems from the traditional ones. Cartography production is currently developed – from project to printing – through the most advanced computer resources. For this reason Global Map purchased the most advanced and complete quality hardware and software of the market.

Working methodologies – which are currently tested and functional – enable to yield high quality products as well as a high productive capacity and consequent low costs. Global Map owns its own sale network made up by both authorised dealers and agents working throughout Italy as well as Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada and United States.

Global Map products can be found in large-scale retail trade, newspapers kiosks, bookshops as well as Italian motorway stations.

More than a million people every year choose a Global Map map; hundreds of companies, public authorities, universities and publishers commit to Global Map the production of their work and receive a satisfying service – from planning to printing and final packaging - owing to the integrity of the productive.

Our team

A Team of skilled cartographers and pre-print experts

The organizational structure of lithography Artistic Cartographic srl is divided into four sectors responsible for carrying out the services offered, and is entrusted to technicians with years of experience that in some cases more than twenty years of uninterrupted activity at the company.

  • Basic maps Sector;
  • GIS and thematic mapping Sector;
  • Software development and desktop publishing Sector;
  • Lithography, printing and packaging Sector.